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Guestlist launched in 2009 as a London only free newspaper. Since then it has rapidly evolved in to a network of platforms reaching all corners of the web with our content being shared on websites, blogs and social media.


In essence Guestlist is a mass market brand perfectly positioned to serve city based Internet users. Our site is the ideal hangout for our audience of fun loving 18-36 year old Trendsters.

Trendsters are the young tech savvy influencers that use our digital platforms to simplify their busy lives. They are usually aged between 18-36, live in the city and have fast paced social lives. They are either in full time employment or studying full/part time. As ABC1’s they have a high disposable income and spend their time going out for entertainment, shopping, travelling, using mobile gadgets, listening to music and browsing the web. They are early adopters of trends and like to be the first to get their hands on the latest gear.

Since it’s launch the brand’s online presence has grown exponentially year on year.

The stats across our network

  • Over 3 million unique visitors monthly
  • 33 million page impressions served monthly
  • 500% increased social media reach last year

Whilst being an extension of the paper our website includes daily news updates covering music, events, travel, fashion, festivals, technology and film. Whether you put on your own events or just enjoy going out is dedicated to helping you do what you love. Trendsters use the site daily to help plan their social lives and network with other users. They use the built in itinerary to organise going out and get on the guestlist to events. is alive with activity day and night as users browse & promote events, enter competitions, watch videos and read articles on our news feed. Let’s face it, Trendsters would rather spend their time deciding what to do with their weekends than doing boring work, sorry boss!


Having fast become one of the most effective ways to engage young people, Facebook and Twitter are key to the way we interact with Trendsters. Our insights show that our social media demographics match the rest of our platforms. Social media opens direct dialogue with Trendsters, meaning we constantly improve by listening to our audience.




We use YouTube to distribute our videos online. Currently we are receiving more than 1000 views every day, not including views on Facebook. Our repertoire is made up of interviews, event coverage, weekend guides and special international features. Globally recognised artists and DJs regularly share our content with their fans and many of our videos have viral elements that make them the perfect ‘share’ amongst friends.

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We are experts in designing bespoke emails. We deliver them to targeted segments of our audience that have expressed an interest in the subject of your message. Bespoke emails are a great standalone tool to engage potential customers. This has proven even more effective when used as part of a wider campaign.

Case Study: Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara


Trendsters are constantly being bombarded with an array of online advertising. This makes it difficult for advertisers to stand out. We serve web banners in bundles of impressions across our network;, and Banners are automatically placed next to favourable content related to the advert. We serve .gif, Flash and video banners. Our in house design team create bespoke banners for clients on request. ‘Full banners’ and ‘MPUs’ are the most popular.

To book a digital campaign or for further information please feel free to contact Nelly Haycock.

Email: [email protected]
Office: 020 7247 7408