Readership figures

- London Readership: 356,400

- National Readership: 437,940 (inc digital)

Circulation figures: From January 2016

- London: 100,000 hard copies (London)

- National digital: 1,004,000 emailed to subscribers

Guestlist is the largest monthly newspaper in the UK. It’s readership is made up of a young urban dwelling audience. These are people 18-36 years old who listen to music, either in full time employment or full/part time education. They have busy lives, high disposable incomes and few commitments. When not at work they most enjoy going out and having fun. 

Our readers are a particularly desirable audience for advertisers, typically a difficult demographic to reach because of their hectic lifestyles. Guestlist is a platform that successfully helps advertisers get their messages across where the audience is most comfortable.

Email: [email protected]
Office: 0203 581 7676

Display adverts available, their dimensions and how much they cost.

Description (cm x column) Specification Rate
5x1 50mm high x 35mm wide £127
5x2 50mm high x 73mm wide £254
10x2 100mm high x 73mm wide £508
20x2 200m high x 73mm wide £1,016
20x3 / Quarter page 200mm high x 112mm wide £1,524
10x7 / Cross page strip 100mm high x 268mm wide £1,778
24x4 240mm high x 151mm wide £1,438
17x7 / Half page 170mm high x 268mm wide £3,022
34x7 / Full page 340mm high x 268mm wide £5,831
Back page 340mm high x 268mm wide £9,712
Double page spread 340mm high x 536mm wide £12,090

The quotes are based on per advert per month and all prices are excluding VAT.